Thursday, August 30, 2012

fall shopping list

my current list consists of:

peplum work dress

Mossimo® Women's Refined Peplum Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

{Mossimo Women's Refined Peplum Dress - Black/Black - $24.99 - Target}

a week ago, i went to target to try this dress on and i loved it. at the time, i did not have the funds for it so i passed. however, i've been dreaming of it ever since. not only is it chic (and comfortable) for the day, but it can also be easily styled for night. throw on a bright bib necklace (see below) and some strappy metallic heels, and you're ready to party the rest of the night!

tweed jacket

ever since i wrote this post, i've been dreaming of traffic. although it has a hefty price tag, i believe it is worth the money. tweed is classic - it will never go out of style. tweed is transitional - you can wear it fall, winter, and spring. this is definitely my number one must have of the season.

leather sleeved military jacket

{bycorpus army moto jacket - $99 - urban outfitters}

ever since i saw bloggers wearing the equivalent zara jacket, i knew i had to have it. by the time zara began selling their clothes online, i could no longer purchase it. i searched on ebay for it, but could never find one that was trustworthy (aka not a fake) and one that was a relatively reasonable price. then, the other week, i received urban outfitters' fall catalog in the mail and i saw this gem. there is also another jacket that is similar, but i like this one more. the motorcycle style makes it a little more edgy (i'm all about mixing the edgy and the soft).



{boots - brown - $49.95 - h&m}


{candie's midcalf boots - black - $55.99 - kohls}

work appropriate wedges

Women's Merona® Melinda Wedge - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

{women's merona melinda wedge - pink - $29.99 - target}

i have these shoes already in grey and I LOVE THEM. they are super comfortable. i bought them on sale last year in taupe and i am really tempted to get another pair. this pink is bright enough to brighten any cold fall day.

colorful bib necklace

{Fire Elsa Necklace - $42 - Bauble Bar}

i literally cannot get this necklace out of my mind...

new running headbands/head warmers

See Me Run Headband

{see me run headband - $18 - lululemon}

the reflecting detail is perfect early morning and late night runs.

Womens Brisk Run Headband

{brisk run headband - blue - $26 - lululemon}

perfect for running in the cold. i love the bright color and how it looks like a turban. runner chic!

running socks

W Ultimate Padded Run Sock

as i've stated before, good running shoes is the best starting foundation for a runner.  best we must also remember, socks can help too. these socks are designed to wick away moisture, blister protection, hug your arches for extra support, and built in with padding on your heel and toe for extra comfort.
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