Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{the art of layering}

if you regularly read blogs, you know of the current craze of "arm swag" or "arm candy".  whatever you may call it, layering bracelets is all the rage. however, you don't have to stop with bracelets! you can also layer necklaces and rings.  but i will tell you this, try to stick with just one. layering a few rings with bracelets or necklaces, but all three = no no. too much going on. 

below are some helpful hints and some pinterest (duh!) and blog pictures for some inspiration!


1. Decide on one major focal point. For example, a large gold watch or a chunky, funky bracelet.
2. Incorporate smaller pieces.
3. Don't worry about mixing metals or fabrics.
4. Make it look "unintentional" (unintentional = naturally chic)
5. Mix different textures (hammered metal, jewels, chain, etc..)

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1. Try to stick to two to three necklaces (depending on size)
2. Pick necklaces of varying lengths.
3. Look for varying degrees of texture and color.

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1. With rings, I like to either stick with one main focal point, or no focal point at all.
2. I love delicate, small rings mixed together.
3. Again, don't worry about metals. (Unintentional looking = effortlessly and naturally chic!)

stack ring

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