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as you already know, i get a ton of inspiration from pinterest. it's an easy way to find new inspirations. i found this picture of rosie huntington-whiteley and knew it was an outfit i could easily recreate for fall.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking chic! Purse – Gucci, Jeans – MiH, Jacket – Isabel Marant, Sunglasses – Michael Kors

the first thing i do when i find an outfit i like on pinterest, i break it down to its smallest parts. we see here, she wears:

1. a cropped, tweed jacket

2. a loose white/cream silk blouse

3. flared jeans

4. comfy wedges

5. large, carry all bag

6. large, square sunnies

her outfit, is it expensive? - yes! gucci purse, MiH jeans, isabel marant jacket, and michael kors sunnies. (*yikes* on my wallet!) can i recreate for cheaper? - hell yeah!

tweed jacket
in the picture, we see that she wear a cropped greyish, brownish tweed jacket. in search of a similar jacket, i turn to allows you to search for a product at hundreds of different stores on one website. amazing, right? you can also designate price parameters, color, size, etc.  for a tweed jacket, i would splurge a little for (but nothing crazy). it's a piece that's transitional as well as classic - it will never go out of style (props to coco chanel). for me and my meager wallet (i mean, college debt, you will be the death of me!), i'm going to stay around $100.  i really want something that has some interesting detail in tweed and NO BLING (i mean, ew).

here's a good option:

even though it isn't cropped, i actually like this jacket more. i'll admit it, i am NO rosie huntington-whiteley. i got some curves! therefore, i'm not quite sure how a boxy tweed jacket would look like on me. if i opt for this one, i am going for a more structured jacket (which is code for, "this will look good on girls who aren't super model thin").

next, i look for a white silk blouse. i recently bought one from H&M for around $20 - fabulous, right? 
well here is what i found on

the best part is the back - a little duck tail (hunger games anyone? little duck?)

next item to be found is the flared jeans. for a while now, skinny jeans have been all the rage. however, i believe, there is a time and place for skinny jeans. sometimes, people need to wear a great pair of flares.  nothing is more flattering then a dark pair of flared jeans and some heels. the elongate and thin out your legs - no matter what body type you are.  with jeans, you need to splurge. no $15 ones from forever 21 (don't get me wrong, i love forever 21). if you buy a pair of jeans that you plan on wearing for a long time, well fitting and well made jeans are worth the investment.

James Jeans Hector High Rise Jean in Neo Wenge Clean

i have these jeans, and i LOVE them. unfortunately, they are no longer for sale. these are James Jeans Hector High Rise Jean in Neo Wenge Clean. james jeans are by far my favorite. they fit you in all the right places and the are extremely slimming. you can find james jeans at look for good quality jeans with a flare in a dark color. dark = good. light = bad.

now, the wedges. i have these pair of wedges that i bought a while ago and i LOVE them. they are super comfy and can transition to any season. i wore these ALL DAY teaching and i was fine. 

when looking for wedges, i try to look for a decent platform and steer clear of super high heels.  super high heels + platform = face plant.  and let me tell you, you (or anyone else) do not want to see that. 

the carry all - every girl needs one. 

{Patent Tote - $79.99 - Mango}

last but not least, sunnies. when looking for sunglasses be sure look for sunglasses that block out at least 98% of UV rays. nothing it more beautiful than healthy eyes.

Image 1 of ASOS Oversized '70s Tortoise Sunglasses

as you can see, recreating celeb or blogger fashion can be easy. you have to be willing to put in the effort to find quality pieces that are reasonable prices.

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