Tuesday, March 26, 2013

currently craving: asymmetrical wrap skirts

sorry that i have been away for so long; i was in florida for spring break. it was nice and relaxing; i definitely needed to get away.  here are some photos from my travels.

hogwarts castle - universal studios orlando

butterbeer - yum!

my sister and i displaying our "excited face"

my mother and i 

the beach! 

and while i was away, something amazing happened: it officially became spring! however, the weather in ohio didn't get the memo. it has been snowing constantly. you know the old saying: march in like a lion, out like a lamb. well march came in like a lion, and is going out like lion too. damn you lamb, where'd you go?

so, i'm continuing to dream of spring (by spring i mean the REAL spring - not the fake stuff we got going on now). in these dreams, i am coveting skirts; especially asymmetrical wrap skirts. here are some looks i have found on pinterest:

here are a few options:


crossover mini skirt // &&

PROENZA SCHOULER pink combo Wrap Skirt

Whit® Aster Skirt

Whit® Bamboo Stripe Mini Skirt

Image 4 of ASOS Wrap Skirt in Ponte

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

getting the essentials: spring break

Being that this is my only day off this week, today is my only day that I am able to pack for spring break. Today is the day that I can do laundry, pack everything up, and pick up any last minute must haves.  Come Friday, I will be departing to Florida where I will enjoy the beach and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So, here, I will share with you the essentials needed during this warm vacation:

The Airport

what to wear to the airport

1 // 2
3 // 4
5 // 6

When travelling in the airport, I like to wear the "biggest" things.  I do this so I have plenty of room in my luggage for other things.  So wear your "biggest shoes (i.e. tennis shoes), your jacket, scarf (I usually stick to one scarf. A blanket scarf is perfect because it acts as a scarf AND a blanket. Perfect for those cold planes),  jeans (I try to stick to ONE pair of jeans. For longer trips, two pairs are good.  These legging jeans are great - they are stretchy and comfy, but don't look like you are wearing plain leggings), and your beach bag. Also, try not to wear any jewelry or belts.  By doing this, the chances of being stopped at the security go down.

Also, don't forget your trashy magazines. They ALWAYS make a trip better.

The Beach

what to wear/bring to the beach

1 // 2 (sold out) - similar
3 // 4
5 // 6
7 (this sunscreen has a high SPF, anti-aging, and oil free!)  // 8

the "nice" dinner

vacation dinner

1 // 2
3 (in heat wave) // 4
5 // 6

How to create Heidi Braids

The Amusement Park

what to wear to the amusement park

1 // 2
3 // 4
5 // 6
7 // 8 (sold out) - similar

so in general, you need items that are versatile. you want to pack lightly and things that can transition throughout the day and throughout events.

happy spring break!
see you when i get back!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

currently craving: statement earrings

everyone has been talking about statement necklaces, but something else has made a comeback. and that something else is statement earrings. pair them when a simple dress to add a pop of color. also, try with a casual outfit to add a bit of edge.

be on the search for vintage or vintage inspired pieces that are over the top and colorful. then, you're on track to becoming one fashionable and eclectic woman.

Image 1 of ASOS Jewel Bauble Earrings

Liz Drop Earrings

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