Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the last snow (hopefully)

last night, ohio was hit with an onslaught of snow. which is news because it's march - snow is supposed to be done by now. but you know ohio...

that is ohio...

... in a nutshell

despite this, i really do enjoy snow. especially when i have the day off and i can play with my puppy.

but i really hope it's the last of the year.

i mean... could he BE anymore happy? 
(that was said in my chandler bing voice, naturally)

so, now i get to my point. dressing for snow, although not the most fashionable, is essential in ohio (anywhere else that gets a ton of snow.) here are some necessities for a wintery, snowy day.

snow day essentials

1 // 2
3 (similar) // 4
5 // 6
7 // 8

by the way, don't forget about one of these bad boys

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