Monday, September 24, 2012

currently craving: scarves

finally, here is ohio, the air is starting to get cooler. and that can mean one thing - i am finally able to wear scarves! they are instant update to any outfit without having to do any drastic changes. 

here are some of my favorite scarves for fall.

{zappos - $98}
i mean, how can you go wrong with polka dots? this scarf is bright, cheery, and classic - a go to favorite in any girls' closet

{nordstrom - $198}
this polka dot/floral scarf in fall colors is a great addition to any fall wardrobe.

{anthropologie - $38}
the gold tassels on this scarf will pair nicely with your gold jewelry and add a much needed pop of color to an all black outfit.

{revolve clothing - $68}
so many interesting patterns and colors! this scarf will surely add a bit of a bohemian vibe to your fall outfit.

{madewell - $59.50}
i love this scarf. not only is it paris related (and if you know me, i love everything paris) but it is in this stunning, bright blue. this scarf brings a bit of brightness to otherwise cold fall day.

{topshop - $28}
if you have never heard of circle scarves, they are the coolest things since sliced bread! these scarves are full and a bold alternative to a plain scarf.

{bloomingdales - $48}
this orange ombre scarf will be an awesome addition to your fall wardrobe. click the picture above to see more colors!

ways to tie a long scarf

half scarf bow

photo from In The Loop

scarf bow


Wrap the scarf around your neck, being sure that both ends are even.  Then, using both ends, tie a bow as you regularly would. Fluff up to bow part to make it not as tight and fussy.

braided scarf


layered knot scarf


simple slip knot scarf


fold your scarf in half. wrap it around your neck so you have the ends of your scarf on one side of your neck and the loop on the other side of your neck. then, thread the ends of your scarf through the loop and fluff the scarf so it isn't tight around your neck.  the fuller, the better!

easy layover


find the center of your scarf. wrap your scarf around your neck backwards (so the ends of the scarf are on your back). then, wrap each end so the lay on your front (the should cross on the back of your neck). fluff the scarf for more volume.

how to tie square scarves

easy layover or muffler

City Storyteller Scarf

holding the top ends of the square scarf, fold the scarf in half by taking the top right corner of the scarf and touching it with the bottom left corner of the scarf (so it should be a triangle). grab the ends of the scarf and wrap the scarf around your neck so the top of the triangle is on your chest and the ends are on your back. then wrap the ends around the other side so the intersect and end up on your front. fluff the scarf for more volume.

simple scarf


simply just wrap the scarf around the back of your neck and lay the ends on your front.

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