Monday, September 17, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff inspired post

Upon watching many of the runway shows last week, one of many shows that caught my eye was the Rebecca Minkoff show.  This collection is comprised of crisp whites mixed with dazzling colors and patterns.  It exuded a vibe of relaxed cool and effortless chic. The girl who wears these clothes is the girl next door, she always looks pulled together and stylish without looking like she tried to hard.  And why does she not try hard - because she doesn't have to. Not only does she exude a beauty from the outside, but also from the inside.  She's the girl that is friends with everyone, the girl who is always there. She's the girl who isn't afraid to express herself, to be herself. She constantly wants to share her vision, her creativity with the world. She's the girl with a past, who lives in the present, and can't wait to see what happens in the future. She's the girl whose smile positively changes the atmosphere in a room.  She's the girl with beauty and brains.  She's the girl who strives for perfection, but isn't afraid to make mistakes.  She's the girl who dreams big, and nothing less. She's the girl that thinks nothing is impossible and isn't afraid to prove it.  She's "that" girl.  That girl is inside of all of us, it just takes a little effort on our part to bring it to the surface for everyone to see. 

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