Wednesday, June 26, 2013

what is business casual?

We have all encountered the conundrum that is business casual.  We all know of the relative essence of what it is, but it is hard to actually define it. Here, I will explain the in's and out's; what to wear, what not to wear.  Hopefully, this will help you when you do meet the challenge of dressing business casual.

The Top Ten Rules:
1. No jeans
2. Dress transitionally - easily able to go from day to night with the change of a few accessories
3. Choose classic, quality pieces
4. Layer! Layer! Layer!
5. Avoid shirts that show your back and shoulders
6. If your clothes look worn or washed too often - get rid of them.
7. Shoes should have a closed toe and have a back. Sandals can be ok in the warmer weather - stick to wedges and nice leather ones. Avoid ones that are bedazzled!
8. Steer clear of trendy jewelry, and wearing too much.  Choose pieces that tie the outfit together.
9. Bags that are roomy enough to carry all of your belongings for both life and work. Carry a clutch inside for easy transition to night.
10. Manicures should not be neon or glittery in color. Choose colors that are neutral - nude, red, pink, burgundy, black, grey, etc.). Avoid nail art.

Outfit With A Skirt

business casual - skirt outfit

1 // 2
3 // 4
be careful with chambrays. look for ones that are well made and tailored, and are free of holes and deliberate wear.

Outfit With A Dress

business casual - dress

1 // 2
3 // 4

Outfit With Pants

business professional - pants

1 // 2
3 // 4
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