Friday, April 5, 2013

warmer weather; warmer hair

with rising temperatures, i am beginning to think of different ways i can style my hair the warmer temps. i'm all about easy go-to styles; i've never been the person to spend a ton of time styling my hair.  the simpler, the better. here are some style inspirations:


ombre is here to stay!

pink? - yes please

natural lightness


this is how i do my hair. my hair is just an inch past my shoulders and this makes my bun look full and as if my hair was long. this is a game changer!

here is how to do this hair style
here are some great kerchiefs one can use to do this with you hair:

1 // 2
3 // 4

three mini buns (or as i call them - bunettes) at the nape of your neck

there isn't much worse than greasy bangs (mine get especially bad after a long day at work). an easy braid like this keeps those bad boys tucked away (which means longer time in between showers!)

i use emily from cupcakes and cashmere's instructions (i use a curling iron w/o a clamp - it makes your curls looser and more natural looking) and little bit of surf spray to achieve this look.

bunettes and braids - yes please!


a shaggy, short cut is chic, simple, and easy

bobs with a touch of ombre

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