Monday, November 19, 2012

fancy sweatpants

sorry that i have not written in a while; i have been extremely busy with work and with the holidays.  thanksgiving (part 1) occurred on saturday, my sister came into town on friday, and i have been working non stop at madewell, preparing the store for the holidays. these next few weeks look as if they will be equally busy. so i apologize in advance for the lack of posts in the next few weeks.

now for the fun stuff. lately, i've been seeing what i like to call "fancy sweatpants". these can not only be worn for comfy, i'm-not-leaving-my-bed clothes, but can also be worn on a night on the town. 

below are some examples 
(all photos taken from pinterest)

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leather jacket, fancy sweat pants

as you can see, pair with a structured blazer (love the juxtaposition between the loungy (yes, i make up my own words...), casual pants and the structured, formal blazer), a roomy tee, and some pointy heels or booties.
here are some options for some fab fancy sweatpants:

Drawstring Pants

Saturday pant

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